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Question about importing XML file--how to know what XPath to use?

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I’m attempting to use the XML app, and after I drag in the XML file, it requests an XPath.

Is there a way to figure out what the Xpath might be just by looking at the XML file? I saw another answer in which nested data was going to prove problematic. The example that Airtable provides in their documentation doesn’t show the imported XML file, so I’m not able to figure it out by that example (XML import app – Airtable Support)

The data that I’m attempting to import is the data filed with the SEC to show stock ownership. A sample, such as this one from Berkshire Hathaway, is here:

Really appreciate any help here. I attempted things like “InformationTable” and “\InfoTable” (without the quotes of course) and other variations of those things, and Airtable didn’t recognize any of them.

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