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Sync Airtable to Webflow CMS with a few clicks

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I built a tool that syncs Airtable to Webflow without fussy zaps or tedious integrations.

You simply map your Airtable columns to your Webflow CMS fields and click sync!

It’s the perfect solution if you want full design control of your website with Webflow, but want the power of Airtable as your backend.

It takes care of all the complicated tasks of keeping them in sync and converting and syncing your Airtable data into your Webflow CMS.

  • Detect new, modified, or deleted records in Airtable and update Webflow accordingly
  • Convert Airtable Rich-Text fields into HTML for Webflow’s Rich Text fields
  • Convert links between Airtable records into Reference/Multi-Reference fields in Webflow
  • Set Option fields in Webflow based on values from Airtable
  • Generate embed code for YouTube links for your Webflow Video fields
  • Upload Airtable image fields into Webflow Image fields

Here’s a demo of me creating a job board in under 10 minutes.

Unlike many Airtable apps, you don’t need a PRO account to use PowerImporter. Please try it out and give me your feedback. :pray:

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I’ve been using for for a few weeks now and I can’t recommend it enough. So much faster than 1. Trying to do this kind of syncing myself 2. Entering data in Webflow