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I created a form to share externally and had a private link I was using. A few days ago, I disabled that link but now need to re-enable it. I clicked into “Share Form” and the same link popped up, but when I click to open the form, it says " The private share link you tried to reach is not available. The owner of this base may have unshared or deleted it. Please contact them if you need access.".

Is there a way to re-enable my previous link after I disabled it? I see there’s an option to generate a new link but have not tried that yet as I would ideally be able to use the previous one.

Thank you!

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Welcome to the community, @Tina_Bao! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Unfortunately there’s no way to reactivate the previously-assigned URL. Airtable assigns randomly-generated IDs for lots of things: records, fields, tables, views, etc. In the case of a form view, that share ID only lasts as long as the form is shared. Once sharing is disabled, that ID is effectively forgotten, and a new ID is randomly generated when it’s shared again.

If you need to share a form at certain times and have it inaccessible at other times, while not needing to share a new URL every time it’s reactivated, you might consider embedding that form in another webpage and sharing the link to that page instead of the direct link to the form. When you want to un-share the form, remove it from that page.

Hi Justin,

We somehow got the link working again when we duplicated the form and created a new share link for the 2nd form. For some reason that triggered the first form link to be activated again. Not sure if that’ll work next time, so thanks for the tip on embedding the form link on another webpage! We’ll definitely do that next time to make things easier.