Record Template not showing templates for self-linked record creation

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I am trying out the new Record Template feature, and I'm struggling when I want to create a same-table linekd record. I have a field that is a linked field to the same table. It gives me the below option to "choose templates" with which to populate this field:


However, when I open this up, even though I have another template within this same table, I'm given no options for my template selection:


You can see two templates clearly visible behind the dropdown menu; one is the template I'm currently editing, the other is the template I would like to select from the dropdown, but which isn't visible. Is this a bug, or is there some feature I'm missing in being able to select a record template for same-table linked records?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Alyssa_Buchthal!


In order to link an existing record to the self-linking field, you will need to first click the down arrow next to the field name and then choose Link an existing record to this field:



Our engineering team is aware that this is not very discoverable and is planning to make adjustments so that this is more intuitive soon!


Hope this helps!

I've seen that and it isn't what I'm looking for, I actually do want to use a template, it just isn't showing me any of my templates from which to choose. I want to generate a new record from this linked field using an already-existing template, but in the dropdown, none of my existing templates are available. And it doesn't open a new record sub-menu like it does when I'm using it to generate a new record in a different table.