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4 - Data Explorer

I understand about giving collaborators “permissions” but the “lowest permission” I can assign a collaborator is a “read only”.
How do I configure it so that some collaborators cannot see certain view or fields?
In other words only admins and editors can see certain information.
Some of the information we have is extremely sensitive and I don’t want this being in the wider domain.

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Unfortunately, that is not possible when you have collaborators on your base. All collaborators (even read-only collaborators) are always allowed to see 100% of the tables and 100% of the fields in your entire base.

If your users never need to edit data, you can create a shared link to a view of your choice, and you can hide the fields that you don’t want them to see.

If you need to hide fields but you want them to edit data, then you would need to use a portal tool such as the portal offered by