Return only most recent entry in a rollup field?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast


I’m trying to get this field to show only the most recent entry. The field is a rollup from another table, showing different kinds of interactions, so the result in the field is something like this:

call no show, followed up, etc

And I want to create a field that will return only the most recent one. I’ve tried a bunch of different things I’ve found in this forum, but nothing is working so far…

Any ideas?


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Can you try something like rolling up the Created Time using MAX(values).

Then use a Look Up field in the table you rolled up from to look this value up. Then use a formula to display the type of interaction if Created Time is the same as the rolled up maximum time…

IF( {Created Time}={Max Time}, {Type of Interaction}, BLANK() )

Then use a Roll Up or Look Up in the other table to get the interaction.

(I have not tried this, but it is probably how I would attempt it)

Thanks for your idea!

I actually figured out that the reason nothing was working… was that I was trying to operate off of a lookup field instead of a rollup field. DOH!