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4 - Data Explorer

I’m using airtabe with a app Nobull of Finsweet to insert the data to webflow. In this way everything goes right. But I’m stuck with rich text element. The airtable don’t support images. How can I send images inside rich text element to webflow?

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That is a 3rd-party app. You can reach out to their support team here:

Hello Scott.

Thanks for your reply. But I don’t find any information how people resolve the question, how to send data via rich text where they have/need to have text and images via airtable. It’s a user case common to render all the information and stay update on project and database. No?

In Airtable, images are stored in Attachment fields, not rich text fields. You can learn more about Attachment fields here:

“send data via rich text”

What [exactly] do you mean by this?

I think you need to be a bit more clear about this requirement.

“…images via Airtable…”

This is entirely supported when moving data objects from Airtable to WebFlow. But you need to embrace the idea that these “objects” are:

  1. Separate and apart from each other; there are image attachments and fields, some of which may contain Airtable’s definition of “rich” text.

  2. (As Scott made clear) Images are stored only as attachment collections - an array of images in a single field or arrays of images in multiple fields.

  3. WebFlow is able to receive and store image objects in the same essential manner that Airtable stores and manages them with some subtle nuances too complex to dive into here.

  4. Webflow is also able to support true rich-text fields complete with embedded images. But Airtable has no such ability; ergo - there’s a huge parity gap.

If you want the resulting conversion from Airtable to WebFlow to blend a rich-text field with images, you need to build an integration process that achieves this. This is not easy to do because your Airtable rich-text fields have no indicators where it should place or size images objects from the attachments collection.

Hello Bill

I was thinking that was possible to use the url from the attachment field and put in rich text field. Then with a certain code or within markdown or a script and send it by Nobull to webflow.

Now I understand that airtable have a different rich text from webflow.

Like you said “Webflow is also able to support true rich-text fields 2 complete with embedded images. But Airtable has no such ability; ergo - there’s a huge parity gap.”

Thank you.