Salvation for Airtable Users Coming Soon!? Reason for Layoffs

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

While on a product feedback call with proj. management platform ClickUp, I asked if there were any 'Airtable-like features' in development or on their roadmap.

I proceeded to explain my love for Airtable as an early adopter, but they continue to make user-hostile changes, refuse to listen to the community, & price increases. 

"Are you familiar with Airtable?" I asked.  "Yes, only because I've had 3-4 people tell me the same exact thing in the past few months. The team is looking into what it might look like." 

So to the point of my story. If he's heard it 3-4 times, ClickUp has had DOZENS (or more?) of requests from unhappy Airtable customers. 

This also means HUNDREDS (or more?) of folks have shared similar sentiments to other productivity SaaS. 

My true hope is to stick with Airtable, that it goes back to respecting the community, especially after all the layoffs but without changes at the top, I'm doubtful. 


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