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4 - Data Explorer

How could I use a script that does this to update two fields in my table?

I know it works fine as a formula but I don’t want a formula field since I want to link the email to another table. I’m pulling info from new gmail emails with zapier but there’s is always going to be two recipients and I only need the second person’s name and email.
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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

The first person’s name and email is always going to be the same if that helps.

Let me make sure that I understand your goal correctly. After extracting the name/email, you want the email address to link to a record in another table. Is that correct? What if the email address doesn’t exist in that table?

What about the extracted name? Is that going to be part of this new link, or is it fine to leave the name as a formula field?

Can you explain how converting the email to only the second email will help you link the email?

Also, here are some no-code / low-code alternatives that work with your existing formula field to copy the result back to the original field:

  • an automation that updates the record, moving the calculated values into the text fields

  • a manual a bulk copy/paste (select the calculated column, copy it, then select the text column, and paste)

You could also adapt a script that I wrote that copies the values from one field to another.

Of course, a custom script would mean that you wouldn’t need the extra formula fields. If you really want a script, but no-one offers one, and you don’t feel up to writing it yourself, you could always hire a script writer.

Correct. All i’m pulling is the name, email, and name of the file attached. I’m part of an animal rescue and need an easier way to check for new adoption contracts than digging through hundreds of emails when what i’m looking for may already be marked as read or moved.

Leaving the formula for the name would be fine. The email would never or rarely exist in the other table first. I might just try integromat.

Checking back on this. I wasn’t sure how to interpret “I might just try Integromat”. If you still want help with an Airtable-native solution, give a holler.

I figured out a round about way. Zapier to google sheets to an airtable automation. It’s not pretty, kind of slow and I’m getting two records for every new email for some reason but I’ll figure it out later. Thanks for checking. I don’t think linking records will work with the way my tables are set up but at least half the problem is solved.