Selecting specific dates within a table

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello, We have a table set up which has several fields. We need to send a few of the fields to our finance team which we have worked out how to group but the key thing is to isolate the data by month. We can see that you can filter dates but not by actual month it would appear? We don’t want past month or future month as that can cross over 2 months(14th Jan-14th Feb). I would have thought that if you picked within these dates you could use a calendar to select say 1/1/22-31/1/22? However only option appears to be to select from the drop down list. It seems such a simple request so must be able to do it. Any help would be appreciated, driving me a bit mad. Thanks, Nick

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This is one of those odd missing features in Airtable. I personally have a helper field with the formula: