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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Has anyone created a subscription website around content stored on airtable?

If so, can you provide details?


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Because of Airtable’s currently limited support for permissions and privileges, your best bet would probably be to build your UI in WordPress using the Airpress plugin for integration.

That’s helpful. thank you. why Wordpress? any other suggestions about integrations? I’m trying to build a membership subscription front end to give only paid members access to the data in airtable.

Because there are well-tested plugins available to handle the nuts-and-bolts of selling and managing content subscriptions, to keep you from reinventing the wheel, as well as a pretty solid WordPress-to-Airtable plugin, Airpress, that is likely robust enough to handle your data retrieval and presentation through its shortcode-based interface. (For data creation, update, or deletion, I believe you would need to program to Airpress’s PHP API — not a deathly onerous burden, but certainly more complicated than using shortcodes.)

You will definitely have to provide a custom UI of some sort. Airtable provides a fairly complete API that can serve as the engine for front-ends implemented in dozens if not hundreds of languages. I suggested WordPress simply because it would allow you to implement and maintain your service with a minimum of programming. (I started on a similar project ages ago — in face, it’s what first introduced me to Airtable. Although it still sits incomplete, my having become more than a bit distracted by Airtable itself, up to the point I wandered off and became lost the WordPress/Airpress/Airtable troika was working fine.)

would you be open to helping me with this project?


5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey Mark - bumping this thread as my new tool is a purpose built tool to sell subscriptions or single fees to access your databases!

  • Create landing pages for your databases in under a minute
  • Single purchase or subscription access
  • Databases displayed in our secure reader