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Re: Sendgrid API Key Invalid

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I’m trying to initialize the Sendgrid block. I get an API key from the Sendgrid site. When copied to airtable, it’s invalid. On the API key page, sendgrid mentions I need to “verify sender details” before using the email API. I verified an email, but the popup still occurs. Maybe this is a reason. Unfortunately, Airtable posts won’t allow supplementary images.

Thoughts on why this happens?

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Having the same problem.

I am Trying to integrate Sendgrid and I keep getting invald api key when I past the key generated from sendgrid into airtable block…

I am also getting the same error.

I had to make a new API key because I can’t find the old one. I am getting “invalid API key” when I try to enter the new one.

I am having the same issue, “invalid api key”

Just retried and works now.

It’s funny I have the same problems as you guys :thinking:

I tried 2 times to generate a new key.
I have the same error

I have the same problem today. Did you find the solution please ?

Same issue ! It makes me crazy…

Hi everyone, sorry for the inconvenience! SendGrid now requires a verified sender email for accounts created after April 6, 2020:

We’re updating the block to work properly with this new rule, hoping to have it fixed today. We’ll let you know once it’s fixed in this thread.

This should be fixed now, please let us know if you’re still running into issues.

It works !
Thank you so much

:tada: Yeah!
Problem solved

Thank you!

The problem still shows up, but goes away after a couple of minutes. Apparently the processing is delayed for a bit…

The exact error reads: “Invalid SendGrid API key or sender email address.”

Grab a coffee and hit the button again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, I am still experiencing the same issue. The sender is verified, any suggestion?