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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I’m trying to send data to google sheets using Airtable’s Scripting Block App. I have previously worked with using scripts in automations (ie Trigger → Run Script), but I have never used the scripting block by itself.

We run an education service and therefore have to keep track of our students in the different school terms. Currently, the system appends a row to google sheets whenever a new row comes into the required table, which is then (unrelated) used to update a google form.

The idea is that every couple of months we purge the data and add some new data. To summarise my questions:

How can I edit the google sheet using the scripting block such that we can perform the operations above (Purge & Add Data)? I’ve seen that this is possible from Google Apps Script, but is it possible from the Airtable Scripting Block App?

Thank you!

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