Setting up a non profit Animal Rescue crm

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello, an animal rescue charity has told me their existing database provider has stopped their plans for charities so they need another platform. I think Airtable may be perfect for them.

I have exported all the data from the old system and have it in two CSV files. I have imported the CSV files into two tables but unable to link the two together automatically.

The two tables are customers & animals

So each animal is linked to a customer by a customer_id record in the first column.

I am looking for how to make these links work as there are a couple of thousand records, far too many to consider doing manually.

Does anyone know how to do this?


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Welcome to the community, @Paul_Ponting!

The customer ID field will need to be the first column in your customers table.

Then, in your animal table, make sure the customer ID field is NOT the first column, and convert it into a “linked record” field that links to your animal table.

That will do a one-time linking of your records, and then you can manually link new records in the future.