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Is it possible to set up autofill fields in a form without using a third-party app?

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Welcome to the community, @Bob_Hill1! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: If you’re asking about prefilling fields, it’s definitely possible natively. Here’s more info on how to do it:

If I misunderstood your question, then please share more details about what you’re hoping to accomplish.

I mean something more sophisticated.

We are using the form to collect data on field work. Say the form has fields Project, Location, Contact, Date, Notes. We want the user to be confronted with a blank form and type in the name of the project. If the project already exists, airtable should autofill the location and contact. If the project is new, the user will fill in those fields manually.

In other words, the purpose isn’t to prefill, it’s to autofill from existing airtable contents using a key piece of data already entered (like the way a browser will autofill website passwords depending on the userid you enter).

I did find a third party add-on to do this kind of thing, but I don’t need it to be super-configurable. If there’s a lighter-weight, native way to do it, even if it’s somewhat awkward, that would be great. (I’m willing to do some coding if necessary.)

Thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately Airtable forms don’t currently support conditional logic, nor do they actually have a live connection to the table from which they came. They load just enough data for the user to make certain choices, and that’s it.

For the setup that you want, I recommend looking into On2Air: Forms by @openside. It uses JotForm as the form interface, and includes features like auto-populating fields based on earlier field choices (among many other things).