Simple collaborator auto template task list, with check boxes, and fillable date of completion, for each new record

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4 - Data Explorer

I have a simple base, where each record is a customer. We are the only ones creating new records.
For selected (most) customers, I have a vendor/collaborator, that will have an identical list of tasks, assigned to them, for the selected new customers.
Same blank list every time.

I simply want that list to be added to each new record (customer), that I create in my base.
Ideally, the list would have each line with:

  • A simple name of the task (do this task)
  • A check box showing the task is complete
  • A blank line next to it, where the vendor can type in a time/date of completion. (or at least an intended schedule date.
    Of course a notes section, for random comments.

The vendor will not have visibility of my entire base. I can make views or tables that recreate the basic customer contact data, that they need to see, to be able to do their tasks.
I just want them to record, and us to have visibility, of the vendors progress, as they complete each task on the view or table, that I share with them.

Eventually Ill get fancy and kick off emails or other actions based on dependencies, once some tasks are checked as completed.
Right now, Im just trying to figure the structure to have that recurring task list auto populate, and be able to have incremental progress tracked with the check boxes and date/time entries.


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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi @T_M_Services ,
There are a few ways to go about this. I was not able to determine from your post if the Customer will have more than one task to complete. If so thats ok, just needs a little tweaking.

Since you want the vendor to interact with the Base data they will need to be a collaborator to do so. Have you looked into using Interfaces? Since Airtable’s grid layouts are horizontal and most lists are vertical, the user experience might be better as an interface. With interfaces you can also limit the records show to only the associated collaborator. This way the customer does not see other customers list.

What I would do is create all of the list items as a field in the Customer’s table. Notice the Collaborator field, this is important.

Then open Interfaces and create a new item, and choose record review as the template.
Should look like this

Now, make the fields editable

Now, click on the left hand bar and make that list filter only to the current user

This makes a nice list that the user can edit

And the record is updated.