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Total records count

Hi everyone, I'm AirTable newbie but I have some experience in web development. I'm trying to use REST API to implement table with has a server-side pagination. This means I can't preload all the results to get the pagination parameters like total co...

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Resolved! View Own Records in Interface but not Base

I have a base for supervisors to approve staff requests. I'd like it so supervisors cannot see each others requests or notes. So I have built an interface that is set so they can only see 'Viewers records only,' which is looking at the field: Supervi...

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lcar by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Horizontal Scroll Bar Disappeared in Windows App

Greetings-Yesterday while using the Windows desktop app, the horizontal scroll bar just disappeared. I have tried to adjust the view and reinstalled the app to no avail. I am certain the solution is something simple, but I cannot seem to figure out w...

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I'd like to understand my billing

Hello,My accounts departement need to understand how the billing works exactly in order to renew our subscription.Is the subscription renewed automatically ? Because we went from an Enterprise Scale subscription to a free one. It seems like in March ...

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There were other posts related to the question. Like: WORKDAYAnd workaround is simple and well-known (WORKDAY(DATEADD(Date,-1,'days'),1))But isn't id a bug, that WORKDAY(StartDate,0) does not work?

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Find record with barcode with exact match

Hi everyone, I want to use the barcode to find the exact record, but somehow it keeps listing relevant records.My barcode formula is TX1, TX2...But when I look up the barcode for TX2, it also shows TX20, TX220Can it be fixed? Thanks in advance

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Resolved! Updating Existing Records Problem

I need external parties to update existing records. I have successfully created a second base that serves as the receiver of the updated fields. I accomplished that by creating a form in the second base and using the URL from the form to create a for...

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