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4 - Data Explorer

Hello team. Once upon a time, I stumbled onto a report that shows me every shared view my base or table was using. I am looking for that type of report or list in my account dashboard, and in the specific base that I am trying to pull that list from.

Any idea if there is something simple that displays this type of information? Thanks.

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OK… I just started to expand my use of Airtable within my organization and I don’t have a need to share bases with people outside of one other collaborator. With that, I saw that the Share button inside of a base can be used. Clicking that and selecting the option to share a base, I saw the Shared view links option that I can use to get the full list.

With that - I’d like to make a suggestion that this list can be easily exportable or printable vs. the need to go into each item and copy/paste it into a document. Other attributes would be helpful like some identification as to which table each shred view is connected to and the type of shared view (grid, form, calendar, etc.) from the list you can see with this option.