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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone,
I am trying to sync airtable rest api with snaplogic but the tables in the airtable are not passing as required. can anyone help me with the query parameters used in rest api ?api_key=keyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Is baseid , tables, api_key are the exact parameters?

Does anyone know how to get data in airtable to snaplogic through the api?

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No, these are separate values used in various ways with the API.

IMPORTANT - never [ever] publish you API key. It allows anyone to capture all your data and/or delete all your data. The next thing you do after reading this is to rest your API key before you take another breath.

Yes, there are many here who know how to do that, but without baseline knowledge of how APIs work, you may be better off finding someone to help you build integrations.