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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Like the calendar view but if you introduce Gantt you could take Smartsheet out of the market :slightly_smiling_face: until then they have an edge over you!!!

As an interim to full Gantt view could you show tasks with a start and end date as a span e.g. multi days rather than start date only?

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Hi folks! We just launched the Gantt block today. If you have access to Airtable Blocks through the Pro or Enterprise plan, I highly recommend that you go check it out!


This blog post has a good overview of the features included in our Gantt block (including simple drag-and-drop editing, cascading changes, critical path highlighting, grouping, color-coding, and more). For more in-depth guidance, you can check out our support article here, which also has a tutorial video.

If you’re not sure where to start, we just released a bunch of new Gantt-centric templates:

Our Airtable experts will also teach you how to set up a Gantt block and answer all your Gantt questions if you sign up for our live office hours, happening at 9 a.m. PDT on Thursday, May 23. (If you can’t make that time, sign up anyway and we’ll send you a recording later.)

For all users interested in Gantt charts - it’s here!

(You need the pro plan to use the Gantt block). Pretty impressed with this on first view. Started by trying to see if I could implement formulas that would drive the dates of all related tasks, but this is built in, so not necessary. :+1:


Thank You! As a project manager, this is much appreciated. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_heart:

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Was waiting for this. Goodbye Trello, goodbye smartsheets. Hello Airtable.

An awesome step forward! Any chance you can add resolution to hours? Not all tasks take a full day and I get dependency errors when I reference to something in the same day…

I am right there with you on this point.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

We are a furniture dealership and would like to create a timeline, with milestones, for our projects:

  • Submission date
  • Furniture selected
  • Finishes selected
  • Order Date
  • Install Date (based on lead times from Order Date)

Really, really new to the whole concept of using a program to help manage time/tasks … and I am struggling to get a project overview that works for us …one that shows all the milestone steps, but doesn’t require hours on the back end to set up and maintain :frowning:

Was hoping the Gantt Chart feature would work for us … but it will not track milestones in a single record … looks like we have create ‘linked records’ or ‘linked fields’ or additional tables … and we run about 300 projects through 7 teams, which is a tremendously crazy amount of info to try to manage on multiple records! Projects run through our queue in 1-4 weeks (there are some outliers, but we try to close business quickly!) … so I am looking for ways to increase efficiency, not add more admin tasks to my already super busy teams! :slightly_smiling_face:

So, here is where I sit right now and I am hoping someone with a bit more intelligence about Airtable can assist in getting me where I am trying to go! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have all the dates set as fields … and our projects are set as records … I need a way to show a project timeline, with milestones, in a Gantt type view. Happy to share what I have hammered out on my own … not sure the best way to demonstrate it, so would appreciate a bit of guidance!

This is really neat. It’s always nice to see such huge leaps in Airtable functionality!

A few enhancements that would make this even more helpful as a scheduling tool (enabling a true replacement to our current Gantt scheduling tool):

  1. Ability to add tasks directly by clicking on the calendar. It is nice to have the ability to drag existing events and create/edit dependencies-- very intuitive. But having to click the plus symbol to add a new record and manually type in start/end dates is a bit cumbersome and unintuitive. Conceivably you could build a bunch of dummy events in a different view and then use the Gantt Block view to edit the durations, dates & dependencies. But being able to create a new event then edit its dates in the Gantt Block would make the process a lot more seamless.
  2. Ability to Skip Weekends / Holidays. This is a nice-to-have feature and a real hurdle when managing Gantt schedules in a business context if you don’t have this. Minimally having a toggle for weekends in the Gantt block settings would go a long way.

On top of the request above regarding skipping holidays, PLEASE extend this functionality beyond traditional office M-F schedules and into shifts. The ability to create defined shifts and assign them to the activities like in P6 or Project is 100% crucial for construction use (day shift, swing shift, night shift, long extended weekend work shifts, etc) and the only thing currently holding us back from utilizing this tool.

Hello Geneviene_Lancaster and others,

have you successfully managed using Airtable for Its Gantt functionality and scheduling tool. We are thinking of switching from MS project and smartsheet to Airtable and just wanted to see how Airtable is performing these days when it comes Gantt, dependency and project scheduling?