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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone,

My partner and I just started to learn on Airtable about weeks ago, and we are now convinced that it’s the tool we need for our organization and business in general.

I’m writing a topic to learn more from your knowledge and maybe have some tips to do things right and not to heavy for something that may be simple.

Here’s a short brief of our business :

We are a start-up that specialized in building neon signs for houses as offices, restaurants/pubs …
Our website is 1st rank on our mains keywords on Google, then we use JotForm as form software to receive data.
We are able to create around 40 new contacts a day, only based on the forms submitted on the JotForm.
Once we have the data, we make designs on Adobe Illustrator based on the needs of the customer.

We also want to implement a renting service with some generic products, stocks, availability, calendar etc…

What we’d like to make with Airtable :

Be able to follow the clients on different phasis of the sell process :

  • Have they answer to the design attached mail ?
  • If not, creating automated reminder mails
  • If yes, do they need to make some changes on the design
  • Then validation, payment, production and shipping process…

About the renting service, the must would be to handle all the renting process from availability, to payment, to delivery, to return… If you have some similar cases, we could inspire ourselves from, we’re totally open ! :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried to be as clear as possible, hope I’ve been !
Let me know if someone can help on this, or maybe need some more informations,

Thanks a lot !

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