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Sort Gantt Chart?

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Hi there -
We are setting up our Gantt chart to have phases, tasks and milestones, but there is not a way to sort so that the phases are on top, or also in the right order.

How do you organize your Gantt views?

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You’re not gonna’ like this - Coda. :winking_face:

Seriously, though, I have not seen a success story using Gantt sorted; everyone who encounters this issue tends to either rebuild the underlying data logically or switch to Vega-Lite which is no bed of roses either.

Yeah, Coda has limitations. When will the airtable allow Gantt charts to be sorted? ><

Yes - all product vendors who choose to undertake the challenge of data visualization, paint themselves into a corner that precludes a win. If instead, they would focus on the integration adhesives that make it easier to lean on D3, Vega, Charts.js – they would be able to put a checkmark in the win column in 80% of the cases while giving customers the ability to help themselves in the remaining cesspool of deeply complicated data visualizations that arise.

It shouldn’t be too hard to have a sort column option for grouping & then sub tasks.

One would think. But, if it were simple, I would have guessed that by now they would have added such support. Ergo… they designed it in a way that it is not so simple to apply arbitrary reordering.