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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi All,

I am currently helping move my hockey club from a mixture of nothing, google sheets and pen and paper into something to manage our 8 or so mens teams. I have created a base:

  1. Players - this has everything from contact information, through to primary and secondary teams, to positions.
  2. Teams - this is a small table, with the teams for that year. e.g. Men’s Masters 35 Monday. It is important, but doesnt hold a ton of info.
  3. Fixture - This has the fixture, which is linked to the teams table. Each fixture record has date, round, start time, away team, for team and then information on cards, goals.
  4. Votes - this allows us to attach votes to each fixture record.
  5. Availability - this is a table that revolves around a form, where people can add their availability - or non - to a fixture record.

We are trying to figure out how we can count up the votes.


Because everyone in the team can vote and multiple people can therefore get “3-votes” we attached the player record into the 3 vote field. What we want to do now is essentially figure out:

  1. Which player got the most 3 votes and then give them 3 votes, which player got the most two votes who did not get the most 3 votes and give them 2 votes, etc.

Does that make sense?

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Hi Scotty,

Im trying to understand your question. Where are those votes coming from for example? It seems to be a lookup field. What do you mean by “most 3 votes”? Does that mean the number of fixtures where he got 3 votes?


Correct. I could be going about this all wrong. But essentially we are using a voting form which adds a name into the fixture table, in the corresponding votes field. So the votes are attached to the fixture.


That way, we have a field here, with many names in it. We want to count the names, figure out who had the most 3 votes, then assign them a REAL 3 votes.

Does that make sense?

Hi Scotty,

Yes it makes sense. The tricky part here is that you want to count those votes per game, am I correct?

Where is the Form feeding its results? In the last table marked “Votes” I assume?

In this table, you will find the name of the game, and 3 fields showing the 3 Votes, 2 Votes, 1 Vote, correct? If you are on the Pro Plan, a Pivot Table block from this table will show you what you need.

If you are on the free plan, you will need to do it in a different way and it might get a bit too complicated. You will need to set this table as a Pivot Table, i.e.: there will be a Field for each Fixture while the Records will be the Players names (to be linked to the Players Table). The form will then have options for all the Fixtures (in the same page) then you will choose the Players Name in the start and cast your vote for each game. You can change the form every few weeks to include or not include the game you want. After you are done doing that, you make a Rollup field in the Players Table to count the votes (take care that since the Player is linked to the form list then it will create new fields in the said table)

Hope this is of help

We are on the pro, but ensure if this will be forever with this being a NFP, depending on how many logins we need for it.

We have done it this way, as it seems one of the best ways to allow us to run forms to essentially write to the fixture record each week. We have 4 forms:

  1. YEarly signup, which creates players, we assign them to a team in the back end.
  2. Weekly availability. This adds each player in an available or not available field for the team manager to see.
  3. Votes - this adds in the votes as shown above, as fields on each fixture record.
  4. Game sheet - this is filled in by the manager and adds in more fields to the fixture, e.g. goals for, goals, against.

The forms mean each player doesnt need access to the DB and we can keep everything on the fixture record that is about the fixture. I think I am doing this right.

We are using filters and views to mean that avaialbility is for the upcoming week only, the votes for the past game, within 5 days and the team managers sheet is only for the past game, within 3 days.

Thanks for your help!