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6 - Interface Innovator


Why change the plans to then hamstring what is already in existence? 

With the plan changes, the 'pro' plan that we were paying for has now been downgraded significantly. It's really annoying to be using the 'top' plan and for that plan to be degraded, and we lose functionality on our bases. 

They are forcing us to immediately upgrade or we can't do our work. Can't add new records. Why HALF the storage from those plans? That seems wild to me. Keep them the same at the very least. We can now get more storage, for three times the price. Or, you can keep the former 'pro' plan and only get 10gb. In what world does that make sense? There are no tiers to this setup, it's either all or nothing. 

And what grinds my gears more is there isn't a transition period for those who have been on the pro plan to figure this out. It's just, 'changes made, so deal with it and pay us more to use AT.' 

Is there a way to soften the blow for those of us who have been using pro? Or offer a 4th tier between 'teams' and 'business?' You were gracious and listened that there needed to be a plan with more storage, but the plans we had had storage taken away. There needs to be a middle ground. 

Thank you. 

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Thanks for that,  I use Make, so that's a bonus