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4 - Data Explorer

Very new to this.

Is there a way to create a fill-able form for my employees to fill out and submit. When they submit it, I’d like it to show up as an attachment next to their name in their row. I don’t want to create a new row for each form submission because it’ll add up quick with everyone doing weekly forms.

My employees have to fill out a form every week and submit that so I need a way to keep track of who submitted/when and keep them all together.

Thank you!

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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer


Is there a reason you wouldn’t create a table for “Employees” and a table for “Weekly Form”. The you could create a form for each employee that populates the “Weekly Form” table and relates each form submission to the individual employee.

This would give you a searchable database of all the form entries that a particular employee has submitted.

I agree with @Mac on this. If you give each employee a custom URL that pre-fills their name (or pre-selects them from a multi-select list of all employees in an [Employees] table), matching forms to employees will be very easy, plus it will be a lot easier to review the form contents compared to shuffling through a host of attachments.

"I need a way to keep track of who submitted/when and keep them all together."

At an unlimited number of fill in PDF forms can be uploaded free. You can share a link to any form. The recipient of the link can then open the form with one click, make changes to the form, and click "Save" to have the form and data saved back to our server.

A log is automatically created that shows who submitted the form, when and the changes made. The log can be viewed for every form that is submitted, providing a complete historical record for each form. The completed forms are all saved together on one server, for your review. You can combine, email, etc. any form, as needed.

Dean Westover, President

Choices Software, Inc.