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Sudden date filter problems

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Suddenly this afternoon (Eastern time) the date filtering seems to be malfunctioning. When I remove the filters from my view, i can see my records, but when i try to filter for items dated today or before, it says that all of my records are filtered out of the current view. I have lots of records dated today or before. Anyone else having trouble today who didn’t have trouble yesterday? Anyone at Airtable know when this issue may be fixed?

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Ok now it’s working again. 5th time reloading the page does the trick?

I’m having the same issue–mostly with date-based filters but also one case where it’s supposed to filter records where a field does not contain text but records are still appearing with that condition. Can force it to re-check conditions, but refreshing the page takes it back to the previous incorrectly-filtered list.

This guy is having the same problem View controls not working

Hi everyone,

We have identified an issue today with filters and sorting. You can learn more about the issue and receive notifications for updates here on our status page.

Update: we have implemented a fix and our filtering and sorting features should be working normally. We’re monitoring the results.