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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Here’s what I’m trying to do:

In Table-1 I have records with a “Created At” field and “Status” field. I’d like to create a new Table where I could see total numbers of records from Table-1 where “Created At” is let’s say May and “Status Field” equals to Done.

I’ve tried linking records from Table-1 to Table-2 and use Rollup filed but it only counts number of linked records, to look like this:

Month - May

Total Sales - 12

Amount - 120$

Any ideas?

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Hi @avto_kolashvili,

You can do 2 things that usually helps:

  1. Create a View where you Group by Month and Status, collapse all the Groups and set the Summary value to count.

  2. Create a Pivot Table block

The alternative would be to link the records as you need. You can automate this part with Zapier.