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Hi Community!!

I am trying to change a few fields to summarize the checked boxes that match a specific criterion (same campaign name).

I have a table that shows the statistics of our campaigns (first screenshot). I am currently updating the MQL, discovery call booked, Demo booked, etc. fields manually on the “Stats” table according to the data on the “Contacts” table (second screenshot). I tried solving it using linked records, but with no success… Any ideas on how to solve this?

Thank you!!!


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Welcome to the community, @Yarden_Shneyour! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: This is probably doable using linked records and rollups, but I’m not clear on the relationship between the two tables and what data you want to appear in certain places based on specific criteria. Could you share more specifics?

Thank you, Justin! I have one table with contacts and one with statistics. My goal is that once a contact is checked as MQL, Discovery call, demo, etc. it will automatically update the stats table. I hope that clarifies :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for that. To make this work, first link each contact to any campaign in the [Stats] table to which they’re assigned. In the [Stats] table, create a {Contact Count} count field that will count the number of linked records coming from the [Contacts] table (guessing the table name; the full name is obscured in your first screenshot). For each field in {Contacts} where you want to calculate the percentage of checked records, create a rollup field that looks at the relevant checkbox field from {Contacts}, using this aggregation formula: IF(values, SUM(values) / {Contact Count}). Format the field as a percentage, and you’ll know how many linked contacts are checked in that related field.