Sync doesnt take place if your airtable profile is not opened and logged

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I realized that the sync is not performed if you are not logged. I have a sync’ed table and an automation associated to this table triggered when a records enters a view. Unfortunatelly, it is not triggered unless i sing up and the sync takes place. Is that right?

For sure i can solve the issue changing the automation to the source table. Hw, this source table it is so big and i d rather do the other way.


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Partially correct. Sync is automatic only if the base is “being used”. One way to do this this is to have a scheduled automation that “wakes up” the base periodically by performing some sort of trivial update.

Ouch! but which king of automation to wake the base up are you suggesting???

Just have your automation do anything, like search for records.