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I would like to sync fields from one table to another table in the same base. And I don’t mean link the records. It appears the only way you can do this is between bases, however then you lose the ability to link records back to the source base.

I must be missing something and would appreciate help.

For example, what I am trying to accomplish : I have a table named “Active Pipeline” and it contains fields with last name, and first name. I want another Table named “Master Client Contact List” in that same base and I want those 2 fields to sync over to the other table. Thus, I am not manually duplicating data entry. I want that Master Client table to grow via syn from the Active Pipeline table.

Thank you,

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Hi @Amy_Solomon
Can you help me understand why you would not want to use Linked records?

Once the person is created in Master Client Contact List, you just select that linked record in Active Pipeline, lookups will pull in other details like phone and email. You do not need to do double data entry.

Maybe I am misunderstanding “linked records” — will that create the same function I am describing? Push those name fields to a new Table and start a new list I can build off of ?

No, it will not push the entire list, you can do that with an automation if that is what you want, but the records will be linked and changes made in Master list will reflect in Pipeline. Is every record in Master list relevant to Active Pipeline?

Give it a try:

Make 2 tables

One table called Jobs one table called People

In the jobs table add a linked record to people.

Now add a person in People and add more details like email address

Go back to the Jobs table and in the new linked field, pick the person you just made. You can add a lookup field to get the email address.

Then go and change the person’s name in the People table. You will see the change reflected. You can also directly edit the People from the Pipeline table by clicking on the linked record and the editable view for that person will open.

@Amy_Solomon, what you are looking for is “Views”. Keep all of your contacts in the same table, but create different filtered views to show you different lists of those people.

For a more in-depth training on views, check out my free Airtable training course:

Thank you - I think this solution will work, I am trying the options now. Little bit a of a learning curve

Great! Let us know if we can help you anything else.