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6 - Interface Innovator

Our project management company is on the pro-plan and has multiple projects schedules in the one base, across many tables. From there, in each table/project we assign different team members, and have multiple different views for agendas etc.

Is there a way to sync/combine the tables into one master to-do list for 1 team member?

We are open to using automations, integrations, and even software outside of AT (if it can’t be done within AT). However, we don’t have much tech knowledge (we don’t know how to use automations well). If anyone knows of a way, that would be great. Thank you.

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How critical is it that each project is its own table? Could you not just have them all in one table and use one set of views to differentiate projects and another set of views to show one team member’s projects each?

Otherwise you could sync multiple tables into a single table, but that table would have to exist in another base.

Thanks for the reply.

Each project has around 300 tasks, and we have at least 10 projects running throughout the year. It is critical they each have their own table.

That’s fine to have a table outside the base if that was the only way - as long as the team member could see all tasks assigned to them from all tables. Multi-syncing could do that?

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Keep in mind that there is a maximum of three sync sources per table. If tasks for each of your 10 projects are in their own table, you will not be able to sync all 10 directly. There are workarounds that involve syncing in chains. However, I do not recommend that method as it is very difficult to maintain.

Also, you cannot edit the original tasks from the synced table. You can only edit the tasks from their original source table.

You know your base best, but having all tasks for all projects in one table does have some advantages. Personal views, view sections, filtered shared views, and rollups with record links all help.