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Hello, with Airtable’s announcements today, I’m wondering if it now might be possible to do a two-way sync with a WordPress table. As I understand it, it hasn’t been possible to update a record in a WordPress table when the record is updated in Airtable. I tested Zapier and was able to ADD a new record in Airtable when a record is added in WordPress. But, ideally what I need is a true two-way sync between the two programs. I’m building an alumni site in WordPress, and would like the following functionality:

  • When a user is added in WordPress, the user is added in Airtable
  • When a user is updated in either WordPress or Airtable, the two records are synced so the update will happen in both databases

Happy to hire a community expert to work on this functionality, but do we know if this is now possible with Airtable’s new updates announced today?

Any/all thoughts appreciated, thank you!

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There are several options for syncing data between Airtable and WordPress, depending on the amount of syncing, the direction of syncing, the amount of code you want to write (or have written for you), and ongoing costs.

Some limited, but no-code options involve using Zapier or Integromat for syncing new users.

For options involving code, you can use the APIs. For changes that originate in Airtable, you can have code in Airtable that sends the changes to the WordPress API. For changes that originate in WordPress, you would need to have a WordPress plugin, or you would need to have Airtable “poll” for changes.

I have written Airtable scripts that interact with WordPress (and my custom block that sends posts to WordPress recently won a prize in Airtable’s Custom Blocks contests). Feel free to send me a direct message if you would like more information about my services.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi can any of your scripts / blocks help with syncing data (users, products, and orders) from wordpress site to airtable - true two-way sync between the two programs?

Please can you provide more information on how to access?

With Regards

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer


4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Up ! the Air WP Sync plugin, that allows to sync data between Airtable and WordPress, recently added user sync support. It means that it can import and sync users from an Airtable table to a WordPress website :