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I’m testing Airtable as our potential new tool in our agency, but couldn’t find a very important fuction, to sort these tables by collaborators to see only records connected to them.

Let’s say we have a main table where every project is we are currently working on in our agency. For each record there is a collaborator pinned by his account who is responsible for this specific project. But as we have few employees, we want to create a main table where all the project will be visible for everyone, but also create a seperate tables or views, so a specific person will see only his records.

If it’s going to be a table, obviously it would have to be somehow automated, so whenever someone create a new record with him as a collaborator, then it should copy this record into his personal table in the same time.

Is it possible? It seems to be such important fuction yet I cannot find it…

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Welcome to the community, @Radoslaw_Kwiatkowski! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes:

The key word that you used in there is views. In Airtable, you can create different views of the same table data by creating what Airtable calls (not surprisingly) views. More about views can be read here:

Be sure to follow the link on that page to the topic of personal views, which would allow collaborators to create their own custom views with specific filter settings to target their own records.