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6 - Interface Innovator

I am using the metafloor code to generate barcodes (Post: Code 128 Barcode Generator?), but they aren’t printing well on my tag printer (GoDEX RT 200), which prints 203dpi (unknown relevancy). I know the printer can print decent quality barcodes, as I’ve been using the printer for years and barcodes from other systems look great. I’ve tried:

  • experimented with print quality
  • increasing barcode scale
  • increasing only barcode x-scale
  • increasing the total printed “page” size from the page designer
  • manually changed the image to 300dpi

The resulting barcode in printed format is “wavy”, for lack of a better explanation. The barcode prints just fine from a regular printer, so I don’t think the low dpi of the barcode image is at fault either.

Aside from chucking the printer for a different one, does anyone have any thoughts? If I do chuck the printer, does anyone have recommendations for one that tolerates Airtable’s Page Designer well?

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I would look for another external automation tool to create barcodes for you. offers a barcode & QR generator tool, although you will have to pay for MiniExtensions:

My favorite automation tool Integromat offers a completely free barcode & QR tool, as long as you stay under the limits of their free plan:

And it sounds like you know scripting, too. There are likely many different websites out there that you can access via scripting to generate barcodes & QR codes.

I’ve considered trying the Integromat solution recommended, but I think the problem is actually with the Page Designer, as even the text, while legible, is not nearly as nice or clear as I know the printer can produce. I’ve considered having the Page Designer “print” as a PDF, but I don’t know if that will fix the problem, and it involves another step for the person using the system, which means he’s going to be less inclined to use it.

Hey @SunLynx,

We have an automated document function with the Google Docs function in our On2Air Actions app.

You can create a template that has a placeholder for your barcode and anything else you need on the label in Google Docs or Slides. You can then have it automatically generate the document for you and put it back into your base.

You can try out the tool to see if it’s a fit for what you need.

Here’s an example -

Hannah - - Automated Backups for Airtable