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Hello! Has anyone managed to create a workflow that generates a pdf from the document creator using a code step and attaches it to the record?

I’m looking for ways to automate document creation based on a button press, or programmatically, and I’m not seeing any option without using other software…Which is frustrating, as it feels like Airtable is SOOOOOOO close to what I need

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I’m pretty certain that you need to use other software to do this, but maybe others can chime in here with their own solutions that I might be overlooking.

For my Airtable consulting clients, I have them click on a button in their Airtable base, which then triggers an automated PDF document workflow in Integromat. (Note that this link contains an affiliate link of mine, so I would make a referral fee if you start paying for Integromat.)

Indeed, but this is not surprising - there are hundreds of document-related systems and choosing to integrate with only the most popular would be a gargantuan feature task. Airtable, wisely, has decided to allow aftermarket providers like Integromat to pave roads through the wilderness of integration possibilities.

Yes - plenty of solutions like this.

Typically I use the Airtable API and Google Apps Script to create precision automation and sharing of complex document outputs. Here, here, and here are three examples.

This diagram shows a general design, but with Airtable’s new script automation, there are at least three new avenues to employ that integrate the process more tightly.


Yes, I totally agree with you that this was a very wise decision on Airtable’s part! It’s one of the greatest strengths of the platform! People love the ability to integrate with everything under the sun!

(I’ve seen the opposite approach with FileMaker. I’ve been a FileMaker developer for 30 years, and FileMaker has kept themselves “closed off” from software integrations for a very long time — they have only recently started opening up to the world — with their relatively new REST API and their brand new Claris Connect platform. But I feel like it was an unwise decision on their part to wait as long as they did.)

Hi @Bill.French,

Sorry but your third link is displaying “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.