Trouble Creating a Student Tracker for Online School

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Hi all,

I currently work for an online school and I want to be able to track all of my students. Specifically, we have different employees to track different topics (one for math courses, one for english courses, …) and records the date they checked the students lesson notes, attendance, etc… We also have one employee who tracks all students and reaches out to the students on a regular basis who records the date of their interaction and when they expect to contact them next.

Ideally, I would like each employee to have their own table in the base where they can only see the the associated students and be able to change dates. (On top of other tasks I’d like to do on it, but those aren’t a priority right now/can figure them out after this issue is dealt with)

Currently, I can’t make that a reality without manually copying each additional record to every single tab (even if using links/lookups). Is what I’m trying to accomplish even possible? Here is a picture of my main table which includes the student’s name written on multiple rows for different classes:

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Welcome to the community, @ Zachary_Wilkerson! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: You may be able to make this work by creating user-specific views. More on that can be found here:

Note that a personal view isn’t hidden from other users, but its contents can only be modified by the user who made the view. If you want a view that only the specific user can see, this can’t be done with native Airtable features. However, an in-development product called Airportal might help you.

On a different note, I noticed something when looking at the screenshot you included. You’ve got multiple records with the same name in the primary field. This is actually bad form when building a database. Each record’s primary field should be unique. What I suggest doing is making a [Students] table to track all base student info (like contact info), using a link field to link to the record for each student, and using a formula in the primary field to concatenate the student name with some other piece of record-specific info like the {Course} data.