Re: Two different Functionality Workarounds I need help with before Jan 1. Willing to pay for help!

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4 - Data Explorer
I manage an Airtable base for a motorsport event management company. Right now, we have to use JOTFORM for the customer registrations, because the company uses, and the client wants the registration form to be submitted with payment in the same step. Upon looking into Zapier, they do not support (So if you know a workaround for this, we would LOVE to just use Airtable instead of two different platforms for customer registration.)

But! That's not the main issue at hand. The main issue is that my client has a list of Instructors for these events that we are currently registering via a form on Airtable. However, the instructors have to fill out the entire form for each event, and this is a bit tedious and redundant, and causes us to have to go in and delete duplicates if the instructor has forgotten if they've registered for the event or not, and fills out another one. I have sifted through the community, and youtube, and still haven't been able to find a use case that is similar enough to what I need to be able to build this functionality.

What I need the form to be able to do, is have the option to fill out all information for the instructor such as phone numbers, if they're bringing a car, whether they're available both days of the event or just one, morning only or all day, which event they're registering for so that we can filter and sort on our end by that, etc. Or, if they've already registered for an event earlier in the year, just be able to choose the dates and times, and add a car if they decide to bring one for a specific event, if they didn't register one for the previous event they instructed for, without having to have a new form to fill out every time.

In the same form, I need it to be able to add a new instructor, if they haven't already registered yet for this year...

I know this is asking a lot, but for the day-of event registration, we want to use Airtable! It makes registration at the events a BREEZE and not take as long as it did previously with Excel (thank God for AT Interfaces)
Can someone please help me? I'm exhausted trying to figure this out on my own and I'm even willing to pay someone to sit down with me and help me build it if that's what it takes. Currently revamping for the next year and would love to have this done by Jan 1!
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All of this is possible with Fillout (advanced forms for Airtable) and Make (instead of Zapier).

Make can communicate natively with JotForm and Airtable, and even though Make doesn't have native integration for, you can use Make's HTTP module to communicate with's API.

I'm one of the top expert Airtable consultants, and I am available for hire to help with all of this. Unfortunately, however, I am completely slammed with Airtable projects right now, so I am unable to take on any new projects until the new year. This is my website: Airtable Consulting — ScottWorld