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I need to set up an automation so that when a field is updated, another field is automatically updated to today’s date + 45 days, so we contact them in 45 days.

I’m using integromat for the automation which I can do, but I don’t know what formula I should use in the update record action to update the “next contact” field.

Please help!!!

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How about this:

DATEADD( Date1, 45, 'days')

In that formula, Date1 is your starting date. The second parameter adds 45, and the third parameter specifies 45 what (i.e. days, months etc).

Couple caveats.

  1. When you create the formula field with that formula, you’ll probably want to turn off time results.

  2. This has to be a formula field. Airtable does not have the ability to autoenter a static value based on a value in another field. (Well you could probably use Integromat or Zapier or javascript for that if you were desperate enough.) Anyway, what I’m describing here is a formula field and a formula field’s result is dynamic. That means, if you change the value in Date1, the value in the formula field will change too.

  3. As written above, the formula will return an error if the Date1 is empty. To remedy that, use this slightly more complete formula:

If(Date1, DATEADD( Date1, 45, 'days'))

Make sense?


Thank you so much. That worked well. Can you help me understand how I would also add the condition if XYZ field = ABC… so to be clear, DATE 1 and CONDITION1 must be met to populate.

Thank you, I REALLY appreciate your help. This is all very new to me!


If you need to write an IF statement that requires more than one condition be met, you use the AND() function, like this:

AND( Test1, Test2 ),
true result so do what you want to do here,
false result so do something else

You can do something like this:

IF( AND( Date1, Account != BLANK() )…

You might use that to make sure that an invoice has a date and is linked to an account before you proceed to send it.


Thank you so much for your help.