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4 - Data Explorer

Is there a way to configure a column so updates made to another field on a record will make changes to that column? For example, if I’m managing my pipeline for a job search and I have a column that’s “interview date” and another that’s “stage”, I’d like the value of the stage column to change to ‘interviewing’ when I add a date/time to the interview date column.

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An IF() should do the trick. Here’s an example for the Stage field:

IF(NOT({Interview Date} = BLANK()), "Interviewing", BLANK())

or if the logic inversion is confusing:

IF({Interview Date} = BLANK(), BLANK(), "Interviewing")
4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Very helpful. Can this be used if the the column’s field type is ‘single select’? I can’t seem to add a formula to the field

Unfortunately fields can only be one type. I realize that the design of the Single Select looks nicer than plain text, but as you can see, that field type doesn’t allow the selected option to be set via a formula.