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4 - Data Explorer

Hey there, i’m working on my own simple CRM to get familiar with the platform, on the free version, and i’m stuck on a problem. Here’s a video overview: confusion on using hidden fields to match record id with another airtable column?

and some more info:

  • I have a list of deals in the crm, when you click on one of these deals it takes you to the invidiual deal view

  • The recordid is automatically passed onto the url

  • I want to add a hidden field that captures this recordid and matches it up to the name of the deal in my airtable database

  • On each individual deal page their is a form with an option to update the stage of the deal (from proposal, to negotiation, to close won, etc)

  • I don’t want the user to have to manually enter in the name of the deal in the form, I believe that softr + airtable should be able to do this

My challenge is that I can’t seem to lookup and match the name of the deal based on the recordid in the url in tandem with the hidden fields function.

I’ve been at this for hours now and i’m really open to any documentation or ideas that anyone has. Thank you so much!

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Hmm, since you’re using a Softr form for this you’re always going to end up creating new records on submission, and so your options are to either:

  1. Create a new table where the Softr form submission get sent, and make an automation update the appropriate record in the Deals table based on the record ID that you’ve logged via the form
  2. Create a new table where the Softr form submission get sent, link the records appropriately with an automation, and then use the rollup max(values) trick to get the latest form submission

I think the direct editing of Airtable records via Softr is only available on the Pro / Business plans as outlined here. (Please double check this bit though! Can’t say I’m very familiar with Softr’s pricing system myself, so I would be very happy to be proven wrong)