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Hi everyone,

I keep having an issue with the URL to the attachment script. It works great for some links but there's a URL that keeps having the same issue: the script runs, it shows a gray icon, and then it automatically deletes the data from those cells. 

The URLs are public so that shouldn't be the issue. Some examples URLs that don't work:

Some URLs that do work:


Anyone that knows what I'm doing wrong here?

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I just attempted to test the links and the URLs that don't work never work, and the URLs that do work...sometimes work, but sometimes don't? 

As a test, perhaps you could try uploading them into Google Drive or something and using a Google Drive link instead.  If that works fine, then you know that the script is fine and your files are fine, it's just the host that you're grabbing the images from that's giving you problems?

Thanks for trying it out! The problem is that I need to cover over 50K items, so downloading them into Google Drive Folders is going to be a hellish job.. 

My goal is basically to get a preview of those images so I don't have to open up all individual URLs because I need to curate the database. 

Ah, nah, I was thinking you'd just do it for those 6 links actually to see whether it was an issue with the files / script or the image host, does that make sense?

Also, I just tried to download the image from and it was an .avif file, and even when uploading it manually it didn't work. The working links downloaded as .webps though and those uplaoded manually fine!

Ah good catch, I tested with some other records and somehow it does delete .webp URLs to images and sometimes it works for this format, looks like .avif it's getting deleted also manually indeed. 

Unfortunately still don't know a workaround for this problem 😅