Use of Barcode as Unique value for Linking to Auto Populate other values

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6 - Interface Innovator


I am wondering how to link Barcode as unique value that populates corresponding values from Master Table into Table 1.

Through linking bar code/unique number - it could be done but it may not be a smart solution as we need to hide other values that are shown up and don’t want the form to populate all values so that it is revealed.


A form has two values that are asked from user :

  1. Product Bar Code (realized that barcode entry through form does not work, but let’s assume we input a number)
  2. Quantity

Data goes into sheet.
There are two tables in the base.
Table 1= Form Entry (Two values entered via form + additional fields populated from Table2 via linking
like Product Name)
Table 2= Master Table (contains barcode number, product name and description)

Desired Output
Table 1 to contain

Bar Code (enter via form)
Product Quantity (Entered via form)
Product Name (to be populated from Master Table via linking through barcode reference)

Sample run:
Product Names : A111, B222 + Corresponding Bar Codes : 111 , 222

So if i enter Barcode 111 with quantity 5 , in table 1 it should display also A111 through some linking mechanism !

Problem is primary field cannot be linked and barcode/unique number field cannot be linked.
Or maybe am missing something … :slightly_smiling_face:
ideally non zapier/non integromat solution would be great !

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Hi @Mehul_Bhandari - have a look at this post as your problem (and a solution!) is similar:

If this is your product master table:


in the form entry table, just snap the barcode and quantity into two appropriate fields (I’m assuming you’re using a mobile device to scan the barcodes, but this doesn’t matter):


Now create another column “Barcode Link” (which is a link to product master) and copy and paste the barcode values into this link field. You can add a lookup field that shows the product name in the form entry table:


Of course, you can copy and paste a number of cells in one go, so it ends up being pretty quick. What’s also nice is that if you scan a barcode that doesn’t exist in the product master, then it is created in the product master (although some might think this is not nice).

As per post above, you can look at Zapier or similar if you want something automated but there is a time lag.


Thanks @JonathanBowen . With your illustration , it is easier to understand and have come to conclusion that third party solution will be required to automate things.

No automation and need for unique value to link up things is what probably holding back to be a good enterprise solution.

For Airtable People: It is understandable that people look for third party solutions when they want to connect different apps with airtable.

But what is the need of using a third party solution to make changes inside/within the airtable ? What is holding back ? After all, there is no connection to be made except two different tables or unique columns within the airtable.