User login proccess to validate his data with 2 fields from the base like name and id then do automation proces

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4 - Data Explorer


i need some help to understand if its possible to do it like I want

I have a database in excel that I want to upload to airtable and use to fetch data for users and trigger automation when a user asks for it.

  1. user that wants to get data will go to the form page
  2. user will log in using 2 fields from the table that will need to go to a table and validate it’s true.
  3. if the true user will be asked for his mail. (if it’s false he will ask to add the correct values again.)
  4. when adding his email he will get thank you message and now 2 things will happen:
    a. one email with several fields from the table will be sent right away to the admin of the system to notify him about this user request.
    b. after 1-hour the user will get the email with his requested data.
    I will love to know if it’s possible and what is the best way to do it



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