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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

It is not possible to prevent base collaborators from viewing certain fields (columns) within a table or base. To get around this problem, the only recommended solution I have seen in this community is third-party tools, also referred to as external tools or portal tools.

Examples of these recommended tools are,,,,, and

But rather than using a third-party tool, what if we created a “mirror base” within AirTable, and established a different set of collaborators for the mirror base?

The mirror base would be a duplicate of the original base, but with several additional fields added. The mirror would update in real time whenever the original base is updated. The two bases would always be exact copies of each other, except that the mirror would have several additional fields.

Could this work?

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Your suggestion would work. However, the mirror does not update in "real time". It only updates periodically when a sync occurs. This means that there could be a delay of several minutes (or longer) before the mirror is updated. Also, the synced fields would be view-only in the mirror base. (There are ways of getting two-way sync, but they are rather involved.)

Another option is create an Interface that shows only the fields you want to expose, and then invite people to the interface without sharing the entire base. With an interface, you will get real-time update and you can choose which fields are editable.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

thank you kuovonne. If I create an interface titled "Beethoven" that displays records from a base titled "Crocodile", and I invite Suzanne (and only Suzanne) to join Beethoven, and thru Beethoven she adds a field (column) to the records, is there a way to prevent base collaborators of Crocodile from seeing this field or the contents thereof?