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User role sees custom view of the base

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New user. Just started exploring my base and looking at the community for best practices, but unable to find a simple way to do the following:

I have 5 tables in my base, and of course I can see all records in each table. I need for a user to have a similar base as mine, with the 5 tables, but only view/edit their assigned records in each table.

One solution I’ve seen is to filter, but it looks like the user can just unfilter and view/edit all records if they so choose. Is this not possible? Still trying to decide if this application with be a viable solution for our company. Cheers

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Welcome to the community, @Adam_Celaya! :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, this is not a feature of Airtable, but you can do it with MiniExtensions:

p.s. I am an expert Airtable consultant and I am also extremely experienced with MiniExtensions. If you have a budget & need some help setting this up for your needs, please feel free to contact me through my website at