Using a different column as a name for calendar event

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4 - Data Explorer

In calendar view, events default to the 1st column, “Name” category. Is there a way to change the default column calendar uses?

I want to create a shared calendar that allow customers to see which city I’m working in, without revealing the customer name for those jobs.

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi Christopher
I don’t think that you can change this, it is a native behavior in Airtable.
The first column is used always as “primary key” and “identifier” so there are many functionalities that are depending on it and then you must find workarounds to overcome this situation.

What I have done in some ocasions is this:

  • Copy the current first column into another field
  • Modify the first column to hold the data I need, in your case it can be a formula that gets directly the value of the City you are working

this solution may solve the current situation, however it may impact on other items in your base (related tables, automations…) so, do an evaluation of the risks before proceding.

Another solution may be to create a separate table that uses the City field as primary column and create a link to your current one.
That will allow you to maintain your structure and to have a separate table to display the calendar in the way you want. However you need to maintain the link between both tables with automations and ensure that they are always “synchronized”

Hopefully this helps