Using Forms for RFI?

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6 - Interface Innovator

I would like to use airtable Forms to track Requests for Interpretation with my Architect. Here’s what I’m struggling with…
I want to fill out each RFI with the information I’m requesting comments on. Each form will be a different request. Once I’ve filled out the Question, I want to share the form for the Architect’s Response. I only see ways to share the same blank form every time.

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I would start here.

Thanks Bill. Looks like that would work. Not sure if it saves any time or not, but good to know about it!

Well, imagine a system where the data you capture in a record is a waypoint for yet another form entry - i.e., the record itself creates a URL that becomes another process step for the same form. Except, the second step in the workflow (a new URL to the same form) includes the field values entered thus far; it has all the data you added. The URL that’s generated is then shared in some automated fashion to the person who needs to complete the form. When they open it, the fields you wanted to be prepopulated are filled in.

This approach is how you create workflows and workflows create seamless progressions where people needn’t enter the data a second time; that’s how it saves time and it seems that this is what you needed, right?

One recommendation, sketch your workflow; it will help you discover opportunities to save time and streamline the process. Sharing it here will only make it easier and more likely to energize some forms-handling ideas from the community.

Thanks Bill! I had to read that a few times, but I got it to work… partially. I can get it to redirect to the same form with the specified fields prefilled, but they are prefilled with the literal record id. Should I be using something other than “Record Name”={record_id} ?

Um, yes. Perhaps something like:

“Field Name”={Field Name}

Where “Field Name” is an actual field in the form/table.

can you share the full syntax? Where does the reference to the Record ID for the partially completed form go?


The syntax depends greatly on your solution; can you share some of that so I can see what we’re building?

Hi @Glenn_Fick, what you’re requesting cannot be natively done in Airtable.

It sounds like you’re looking for this tool:

There are also many other very useful form tools on that website as well.

I highly recommend checking out all of their offerings!

I’m certainly no expert in form-building matters, but I think this is natively possible.

  • Is it not possible to create a dynamically populated URL to the form in a record?
  • Isn’t it possible to take that URL and establish access in a view? Or send it via a block?

MiniExtensions might make it easier, but I don’t think native Airtable is incapable of workflow steps that are centric to a single form that reaches milestones where fields are increasingly more populated.