Using sync to copy a table AND lookups AND views

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have used sync before to sync two tables, and it is a great feature. What I want to do now, however, is to copy a table from one base to another, including all of the views of that table and all of the lookups and linked (etc) columns that I have painstakingly built. It seems that I can share a view and copy the data over, no problem - a new table is created on the target base with the data. However, it looks like I can only share one view - I don’t see a way to share all the views of a table at once, and if I try to share one view at a time, each share creates a new table instead of adding the view to the previously created one. It also seems that only the data is moved over, but not the customized field type - so if the content in the column is (in the source) drawn from another table (and that table already exists in the target base) it doesn’t matter. The data still comes over as just text. So if I understand this correctly, I will still have to go back and set up every column that is not merely text (could be several dozen), and set up every additional view (a dozen) manually. I hope that I am wrong and I am simply missing something - any ideas?

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