Very basic question about linking tables

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Please see screenshot below, how would I accomplish this? I have played with the linked records feature and created all sorts of more advanced links between tables. But I don’t want to link to records between tables, I just want to do what I would think is the simplest one of all, but I cannot see how it is done.



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Technically this is doable by adding the URL for the table (which you can find in the browser’s address bar, assuming you’re not using the desktop app) to a URL field and clicking on it there. It won’t work in the primary field because Airtable doesn’t turn URLs in that field into live links. However, this will open the desired table in a new browser tab (or in a new window if used in the desktop app). This can’t be used to switch to the desired table “in place”.

If you’re just looking for a quick way to switch between tables, try the table switcher hotkey (Command + J on the Mac, very likely CTRL + J on Windows; check the hotkey list to confirm), or click on the menu icon next to the leftmost visible table.


Thank you! Good to know I was not missing something obvious. Ya, at this point I’m stuck with just switching tables using the hamburger icon, I had tried the URL option but opening in another tab defeats the purpose.