Re: View with Grouped Data Export to CSV - No Summary Data Exported (sums, averages)

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

We have many views which group items and create summary data at the bottom of the view.
FOr example, all of the sales for a day of the week, with summary totals after each day. These appear find in the views, but DO NOT appear when exporting to CSV. It appears to only export the hard data. When printing and saving to PDF, these summary rows DO appear (but this is not helpful). This is supposed to be for salespeople to simply export and see all the totals. They will not be able to manually add the functions to Excel on each column to sum them manually. Is there another tool we can link to that will do this?

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Hmmm… this is a tricky one, because Airtable unfortunately doesn’t give us programmatic access to those summary numbers that appear on the screen. This is one of my top feature requests for Airtable! I would recommend that you email them as well at to request this as a feature.

You can probably accomplish this with a custom Javascript, but the JavaScript experts here would need to chime in on that one.

For my clients, I use Integromat’s Numeric Aggregator to loop through the records, group them by the group that I want, and then return the summary value for each group. But this is also quite the challenge to setup in Integromat as well — it takes several hours to fully craft this scenario in Integromat. (If you need help with setting this up in Integromat, I’m a Registered Integromat Partner and you can reach out to me via my website at